The Vision

We envision a joyful, environmentally responsible, healthy, multi-age cohousing community in Bridgewater.”

Bridgewater Cohousing is an initiative aimed to build a cohousing development in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, the first of its kind in Atlantic Canada.

We are learning from successful examples of cohousing elsewhere in Canada and around the world.

We value:

  • Our planet: living lightly on the earth
  • Our neighbours: sharing resources and joy, and welcoming all ages
  • Ourselves: living in a comfortable and healthy home

The plan:

  • 20-30 units, medium density form (perhaps row houses, duplexes/triplexes/quadplexes) and a variety of unit sizes (1, 2, 3 bedrooms)
  • modestly-sized private units and a well-equipped common house, arranged in a community-oriented design
  • located within the boundaries of the Town of Bridgewater, connected to town services, within walking distance of important amenities and public transit
  • on a site (min. 2-3 acres) that has ample space for outdoor play and gardening
  • multigenerational, welcoming of all family types and ages
  • quality, durable construction, built using universal design principles
  • very high degree of energy efficiency (net zero or passivehaus standard)
  • incorporated as a condominium under the NS Condominium Act


This video captures our first info session (Sept 29. 2018). It gives a great overview of what is in the works for Bridgewater Cohousing, and how you can get involved.