A Cohousing Love Story


Imagine coming home after a long day, to a home that is welcoming and safe. Children are playing in a little green courtyard near your front door. Your home is warm and comfortable, having been heated and powered by sunlight all day. You put your things down, freshen up, and decide to head to the common house for dinner.


Delightful aromas and the sound of laughter greet you as you walk into the dining hall, where your meal is nearly ready. You sit down among your neighbors and tell them about your day. Dinner is served - excellent as usual. The clean-up crew takes its monthly shift as you relax by the fireplace with a few friends you haven't seen in a few days. You talk late into the night, forgetting all about the time.


Once back in your own quiet, comfortable home, you shower, prepare a cup of tea, and head to bed. The last thought you remember thinking before you fall asleep is, "what a great place to live!"




“Our purpose is to create a high quality, environmentally responsible, intergenerational, community-oriented cohousing development in Bridgewater.”

We - families, couples and singles - are working towards our cohousing vision. We are carefully planning every aspect of our housing and community, drawing on each other’s interests, strengths and values to create a village like atmosphere that is supportive of the residents. We have is a lot of enthusiasm and energy to create the housing of our dreams!

We are guided by many examples of successful cohousing developments around the world, including Canada. We are looking for more members to join our community. If this project interests you, please get in touch with us!

We are always ready to answer questions and we meet weekly in the Bridgewater area. Contact us to find out when and where the next meeting will be held.

Project Brochure


Download our project brochure, or ask us for a paper copy


Video Introduction to the Project


This is part 1 of the video. Click here for part 2, part 3 and part 4 (the whole video is 45 mins long). You can also download the presentation (PDF file).


What stage are we at in the project?


We are just forming! That means that we're looking for:

  • Potential residents who are keen to participate in the design of this project
  • A network of people who can support us (with their skills, knowledge, contacts, financial resources, etc.)

As a team we are currently educating ourselves about cohousing, developing our vision for what we want the project to be, and figuring out how we want to work together. Once we have achieved a "critical mass" of potential residents, we will be figuring out the practical stuff (financing, finding land, hiring an architect, designing our homes, etc). Finally, we'll build our homes, move in, and create a thriving community of neighbours!

How can you get involved?

It all starts by contacting us! We'd be very happy to share more about our vision with you. We also want to hear from you, and learn about your ideas for sustainable, community-centred housing. You are also welcome to attend our regular meetings, which are the most important way for you to get involved with the project, and to get to know us. Finally, if you know of others who may be interested in this project, please tell them about it! Right now what we need most is to spread the word about what we are doing, and to attract interested people.