Welcome to Bridgewater, Nova Scotia!


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The town of Bridgewater (population 8,000) is located on the beautiful LaHave River on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, about an hour’s drive from Halifax. It is a modest town, with so much to offer!

Bridgewater is home to many amenities including excellent schools (including a French school, and a Waldorf school 15 minutes away), the South Shore Regional Hospital, shopping centres, many types of businesses, recreational facilities, programs and clubs for all ages and interests, and beautiful, well maintained parks. Beautiful beaches and the world-class Kejimkujik National Park are less than an hour's drive away.

As the commercial hub of the region, Bridgewater is one of the few communities in Nova Scotia that has been growing continuously for the past two decades. Bridgewater has long been the centre of trade and industry on the South Shore, and has a rich history as the region’s gathering place. New cultural and community-led initiatives have been flourishing here over the past few years, offering opportunities to residents year-round. This town's local government has been increasingly focusing its efforts on sustainability, recreation, and improving quality of life for all residents. Recent community initiatives include a community garden, a sustainability festival, and a community-wide Christmas dinner!

We believe in the potential for Bridgewater to become a shining example of a sustainable, healthy community in rural Nova Scotia. It is a great place to live, work, raise a family, and age with dignity. We hope you will join us in celebrating our community!

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